Speekify is a service that helps to speak a foreign language with fluency and confidence and to understand a speech of native speakers.


The main idea behind the method is to repeat after a native speaker. No more boring grammar drills. Speekify provides you with a course composed of several dozens of lessons. Every lesson contains an original audio recording you should listen and repeat. You should repeat not only the words but intonation, accents and a rhythm of speech as well.

Audio tracks are specially prepared – divided into fragments. There is a pause after each fragment so you can repeat what you've heard. The pause has the same length as a fragment. This way you are learning to talk with the correct rhythm at once.

Who this method is for

Speekify will help you if you've tried to learn a language already using a classic method – learned words and grammar rules but still can't talk clearly, stumble, fumble for words, speak slowly and feel uncomfortable in a conversation, can't understand when people talk fast.

If you are a beginner – you also can use Speekify. It will help you to master a correct pronunciation and build the phrases naturally from the very beginning.

Difficulty levels

First level lessons are adapted in order to be easy for beginners. Narraters tell slowly and clearly. Lessons are about 1-minute length.

While the difficulty level increases, the difficulty and a length of lessons increase accordingly. On the high levels, you will work with non-adaptive audio tracks
where native speakers talk with a natural speed and intonations.

How to use Speekify

1. Listen and repeat

Open a lesson page and you will see an audio player with the first track. Press the Play button, listen to the track for several times and try to repeat what you hear in the pauses.

It's perfectly normal if you don't understand the meaning of the text. Just follow the algorithm:
During the first listening pay attention to vowels – to their length, intonation, melody, pauses between them. Pronounce the vowels only.
During the second listening try to distinguish the main words – stressed ones. Repeat them only and try to spell them as similar to the original as you can.
During the third listening pay attention to the secondary words, you can make out.
Listening for the fourth time try to distinguish sound sequences that sound similar to the words even if you don't understand their meaning. Try to repeat them as similar to the original as you can. You can use a slow mode and repeat regime.
During the last listening gather all together. Switch the repeat regime on. Listen to each fragment then repeat it along with a speaker and during a pause repeat it again by yourself.
We recommend to practice one lesson for at least 20 minutes.

2. Make a recording

When you feel you've practised enough – move to the next step and press the microphone button. The same audio track with pauses will start playing. Your task is to repeat what you hear as similar as you can. Speekify will record your voice.

3. Send for review

Speekify will review your recording and show you the difference with the original in percentage. If you want to improve the result – you can come back and re-record the lesson.

4. Listen and compare your recording side by side with the original track

Speekify will merge your recording with the original track so you can listen to them side by side. Listen carefully and pay attention to the differences in order to understand what to improve. We promise as you progress on the course your recordings will become better and better and you sound more and more confident and similar to the native speaker.


The best way to remember is to repeat, right? So Speekify will suggest you the same lesson again in several days. In the end of this lesson, you will be able to listen to your first recording compare it with the last one and hear how your pronunciation improves.


The most important thing in the methodology is the regularity of the lessons. 20 minutes a day is enough.

As Bruce Lee told once: «I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.»

Learning every day you can finish the course in 3 months and speak with significantly more fluency and confidence.

Contact us

Do you have questions or need help? Please contact us hello@speekify.com, we'll be happy to help you.

We are so pleased to welcome you in Speekify and wish you happy learning. If you stick to a method, learn regularly and have a faith in yourself you'll very soon notice you speak with fluency and confidence like a native speaker.
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