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Speekify will help if...

You learned the vocabulary and grammar, but feel lost in an actual conversation with a native speaker.
You have no problem reading in the language, but can't understand when people talk fast. You ask to repeat but still worry that you are missing something.
You stumble, fumble for words, speak slowly and feel uncomfortable in a conversation.
You are aware of your accent and worry that you can't get your point across.
You prefer to stay out of conversations even if you have an opinion on the matter or want to make a joke.

How to use Speekify?

Each lesson contains an original audio track divided into phrases. After each phrase, you hear a beep. Repeat what you've just heard. Try to copy sounds and intonation.
Listen to audio recordings and repeat after a beep
After several repetitions record yourself
Speekify will review the lesson and show your progress
Listen and compare your recording side by side with the original track
You'll notice the changes within a month and in three months you'll speak with significantly more fluency and confidence.
No more sitting in the class with a textbook. Listen and repeat when you cook or do the dishes. Use a coffee break or half an hour before bedtime. Practice on your computer or simply download the App (iOS version available).

Learn anytime anywhere

Elena Averina
"Remember, constant work with audio recordings is crucial. Listen and repeat each fragment after the speaker. This exercise is a "start button" to form a system of speech mechanisms. Without this work you will never understand foreign speech. Understanding is based on repeating out loud what you've heard."
The author of the system of learning foreign languages without translation
Ken Xiao
"When I started to improve my English, I started by taking one single action [listen and repeat]. The next day, I took one more action. I kept taking the same action day-by-day. After three months, I had already built enough fluency that people started telling me that my English was good! I followed through by building my fluency little-by-little, day-by-day. After another three months, I started to speak what seemed impossible before – fluent English!"
English teacher.
Learned to speak English like a native
in 6 months


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